Ltd Company - How It Works

Regardless of whether you approach us with your own limited company, or if you need us to help you get one started, we will help you ensure your limited company is correctly setup and registered with Companies House, HMRC, and if need be we can help you open a business bank account with either HSBC, or Metro Bank.

Simplicity is key for us. We want you to enjoy our service!

Our online bookkeeping features

One of the biggest advantages you will enjoy in using our accounting service is having access to our own online bookkeeping system. It is extremely easy to use, and has been developed by us specifically to service the contractor market.


Company information

This area holds your limited company registered office address, your own residential address, business bank account details, VAT registration details, and company tax references. If you move house, just update your address online and we will automatically notify the HMRC and Companies House for you.

Personal earnings

Use this to track your personal tax liability. Appropriate planning in this area can significantly reduce your overall tax liability. Our system will not only summarise your personal earnings for the tax year and estimate any personal tax due, you can also view a history of all payments you have made to yourself.

Knowledge Base

View our helpful guides on claiming expenses, Directors loans, tax, VAT and so much more.


View our helpful guides on claiming expenses, Directors loans, tax, and VAT. You can also download your company incorporation certificate, VAT certificate, and share certificate from here. In addition to this, the Toolbox contains useful information relating to personal tax, and you can download your previous year P60, P11D, and dividend certificate in relation to earnings from your limited company.


From your dashboard you can view all your notifications. These get posted by us as a way of ensuring we are getting everything we need from you to provide you with the best possible service. We also put important events on here so you are always kept up to date with important tax/accounting matters. The dashboard also contains the name, email address, and phone number of the person at CCA who deals with your company accounting affairs. Call/email them anytime to discuss your accounting or tax questions.

Week to week operations

Generally your most common tasks with contracting will be invoicing your client/agency on a regular basis, and keeping your expenses updated. The main differences between the two services we offer arise at this point.

Service #1

Every month we will match the invoices and expenses you have recorded online to your business bank account. We will flag up any invoices unpaid (or not fully paid), any expense discrepancies, or any expense claims that should not be claimed. Any other transactions such as PAYE/NI/VAT/Corporation tax payments, bank interest/charges etc also get recorded into your online bookkeeping system by us – this service does cost a little extra, but it does offer excellent value, and takes an enormous amount of the administration out of your hands.

Service #2

The entry of your company transactions is purely up to you. Not only will you need to raise your invoices, you will also need to confirm the date the invoice was paid into your business bank, and ensure the amount you received matches your invoice. You will also be entering all your business expenses, and where those expenses are paid from your business bank account, confirm the date the payment left your business bank account. All other business bank account transactions such as salary/dividend payments to you, bank charges, bank interest, VAT payments, and Corporation Tax get entered by you by matching against your business bank account statements.