Comprehensive, cost-effective and transparent accounting services for property owners.

Residential landlords have seen several changes affecting them in recent years. In 2016 the wear and tear allowance was replaced with the ‘replacement domestic item’ relief. And the interest relief received is being restricted to the basic rate of Income Tax. This has been introduced gradually from 6 April 2017

Not only can we assist with declaring your rental income on your self-assessment tax return, and any tax advice. But, our software can help you to run your rental property business. You can keep track of each rental property as an individual asset by recording all information pertaining to the property – purchase date, price and additional costs, as well as any additions and alterations etc. Month to month you will be able to record the rental income as well as expenses (including revenue and capital). And our live P&L will give you an overview of your full portfolio.

Whether you are an individual residential landlord, have commercial properties or a property business through a limited company, we have a solution for you.

Our fees start from £25 (+VAT) per month.